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Domestic Abuse Attorney in Orlando, Florida

Facing Domestic Abuse Charges?

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Domestic abuse cases are always delicate matters; these accusations are often more complicated than they seem, and it's important to get all the facts. One wrong conviction can ruin your life. Speak with Jose L Garcia, PL right away if you're facing a domestic abuse charge in Orlando, FL.

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3 Factors to Consider During a Domestic Violence Case

You can't afford to take any risks with your domestic abuse lawsuit. Understanding all of the details and gathering all of the evidence is essential to building the strongest case possible. Here are three factors that attorney Garcia will consider when working on your defense:

  1. The severity of the domestic violence charges

  2. Whether drugs or alcohol were involved or not

  3. If force was used in self-defense

Get in touch with Jose L Garcia, PL in Orlando, FL today to speak with a domestic abuse attorney about your situation. Attorney Garcia also represents victims in domestic abuse lawsuits.

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