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Mr. Garcia's service was fantastic, answered all phone calls and was very helpful in explaining my situation. The results were very much in my favor and I am very thankful. Highly recommend!

I googled a traffic lawyer and the first result was Jose. I called him and he took the phone right away, explained everything and I actually told him I needed to see other options because he was the first one I called. I called the "recommended" option and he didn't even pick up, so I took a leap of faith and hired Jose. Excellent treatment and he guarantees you will not get the points. He was not able to remove the ticket cost but at least he lowered it. Definitely satisfied with him and would recommend him.

Jose L Garcia is not only a great representative but a great human being who listen to me In a time of frustration. Even though I dropped my responsibility on behalf of my case he more than made up for it! He understood my frustrations and proposed them to the judge the same way I expressed them to him and we came away with a dismissal. I am eternally grateful and would absolutely contact him again for any other legal issues I may come across! I really can not thank him enough!

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