Call an Expungement Attorney in Orlando, FL to Get Your Record Expunged

Call an Expungement Attorney in Orlando, FL to Get Your Record Expunged

Not everyone qualifies to have their record expunged or sealed. We can help make that determination if this is right for you. If you qualify, we provide the following service:

  • Help prepare the appropriate documentation.
  • Obtain all necessary records to expunge record.
  • Submit necessary application and documents.
  • Represent you in front of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
  • Represent you before the State Attorney's Office.
  • Prepare the petition, affidavits, and orders to expunge record.
  • Serve all necessary parties.
  • Represent you before the Court.
  • File all paperwork.
  • Answer all your questions.

Have you ever:

  • Been arrested or received a Notice to Appear?
  • Had your charges dropped against you?
  • Been accused of a crime but nothing ever became of it?
  • Entered a plea where Adjudication was Withheld?
  • Been acquitted of a crime by a jury in a trial?

Then we may be able to expunge or seal your criminal record.

Benefits of having your Arrest Record Sealed or Expungement include:

  • Making your arrest record a non-public record.
  • The destruction or making strictly confidential records held by law enforcement.
  • The sealing and eventual destruction of court records.
  • The removal of electronic information provided by government agencies to the public.
  • The ending of the sale of your arrest records.
  • The ability to deny that the arrest occurred.
  • The shortening of the Firearm Purchasing Restriction.
  • Benefits for Level 1 and Level 2 Background checks.

Having an arrest on your criminal record can:

  • Keep you from living in places where you apply you live in.
  • Keep you from obtain the job you are seeking to be hired for.
  • Block you from other opportunities you my come across later in life.

We have been in practice for over a decade and are very familiar with the expungement and sealing process. We have successfully performed expungements and sealing of records for many of our former clients. We also gotten records sealed or expunged from other individuals whom we didn't represent from the outcome of their case. Give us a call and see if we can help you!

In addition, the expungement process is affordable. We normally can complete the process for under $1000.00. This would include our fees and costs associated with the process. The fees may be more in some areas of the state but call us to discuss a more detailed breakdown of costs.

Contact Jose L Garcia, PL right now to inquire about your record expungement process.